Turner Krill&crab Boilies - 1kg

Turner Krill&crab Boilies - 1kg

Krill & Crab is our flagship product that established Turner Baits back in 2011 and still continues to catch with no signs of ever slowing down. Krill & Crab is an all out fishmeal bait that works all year round with over 35% of its composition being a combination of fishmeal’s including low temperature fishmeal and pre digested fishmeal. Add to this the Green Lip Mussel, Kelp, Blood powder, betaine hcl and a good helping of Krill meal putting the total fish, shellfish and crustaceans content towards 50%. We add to this to complete the nutritional profile a refined milk protein, minerals and vitamins complex plus a digestive aid meal filling all the needs of our quarry. To ensure the attraction side of things is well covered we add a little bit of spice, a large amount of the Pure Hydrolysed Krill Liquid and a touch of pure Crab extract.


As the bait breaks down the soluble ingredients leak out through the many different levels of the water column attracting fish to the baited area and triggering a powerful feeding response.


This bait is true to its HNV roots, it is very attractive and very tasty to all types of fish not just carp. The Krill & Crab is an incredible bait and one we are very, very proud of.


Why is krill so good? Why do we go mad for top quality Pure Hydrolysed Krill at Turner Baits? Well in short it provides a very interesting combination of proteins, peptides, and free amino acids of the highest quality and digestibility along with natural astaxanthin as an excellent preservative. It is rich in highly digestible proteins which are bioactive peptides.  These are known to play an important role in immune system maintenance. Hydrolysed Krill with its extreme palatability and strong shrimp like taste all wrapped in free amino acids screams attraction for just about every species that swims. Specifically it is the free amino acids that make the product such a wonderful attractor to carp and why we adore it and use as much as we can cram into our Krill & Crab boilies.


Please note this bait is made from natural meals, powders and liquid and so with seasonal variation the colour and texture will change slightly.



  • Blended fishmeal (Lt94, white fishmeal, white pre digested)
  • Blood powder
  • Kelp granuals
  • Suils C.L.O
  • Vegetables Protein powders
  • Green lip mussel
  • Digestive aide meal
  • Refined milk protein
  • Hydrolysed Krill Liquid
  • Krill Meal
  • Spices
  • pure crab extract
  • PH stabilizer (Betaine HCL)


Protein 37.45% | Fats 9% | Soluble 17.9%

Limiting Amino acids: 1st LA = Phenylalanine, 2nd LA = Histidne, 3rd LA = Methionine