Ringers Method Micros Pellets - 900g

Ringers Method Micros Pellets - 900g

  • Easy to prepare and use on the bank
  • Perfect for the method feeder
  • Can also be used in a standard cage feeder
  • Formulated to be moulded around a method feeder
  • These 2mm pellets are supplied in a 900g bag


Ringers Method Micro Pellets are 2mm sized baits that can be used on several different venues, whilst producing the goods every time.


The Ringer Method Micro Pellets are easy to prepare and use making them perfect for the method feeder or spod bomb. You could also use these micro pellets in a standard cage feeder, with excellent results.


The Method Micro Pellets combine a few low oils to make pellets that are ideal across multiple weather conditions, however, the best results can be found during the colder winter months when fish are not looking for large or lots of feed.


Supplied in 900g bags, these micro pellets will serve you well for plenty of sessions to come.