Rapala FT 100 Float Tube Belly Boat with Accessories

Rapala FT 100 Float Tube Belly Boat with Accessories

The FT100 is the lightest in the range, ideal for beginner anglers. Its light weight makes it possible to travel light to get into the water in the most remote spots and catch fish that never see a fisherman!


It has wide pockets open by a zipper along their entire length, allowing them to slide the boxes of lures very easily. A bar at the front, associated with a net, is a rigid workspace and large enough to redo the montages, change lures and pick up the fish. At the front, there are also Velcro on the tubes to secure the canes during travel.

The high-density floating foam seat and backrest make it easy to spend a day fishing as in an armchair. At the back, a net allows to evacuate the water quickly when it is necessary to leave the Float Tube of the water.


It is possible to attach rod-type accessories to the side of the tubes with the rings attached to the packets. Under the Float Tube, there are eyelets and straps that can be worn on the back, and a handle. Delivered with: - Foot pump Repair kit - Carry bag Flippers - Inner tubes also available