Korda Run Rig Rubbers - Weed

Korda Run Rig Rubbers - Weed

 A special rubber bead, designed for fishing with running leads
- Designed to be completely tangle-free
- Fits over size-eight swivels or ring swivels

Our Run Rig Rubbers have been specially designed for use with running rigs incorporating the Dark Matter Leaders, Leadcore, Kamo Rig Tube or Dark Matter Rig Tube. As you'd expect from Korda, these are like no other running rig beads available. It was while fishing at long distance on a running-rig-only water that Danny came up with this new idea.

A shoulder has been angled on the rubber at 30 degrees, this means the Big Eye Swivel holding the lead sits at a much better angle than any standard running rig setup, this will not only minimise the chance of any tangles but will also help get those extra few yards when fishing at long range.

The soft rubber compound is designed to hold the swivel and rig tube securely.