Korda Floss Caps - Clear

Korda Floss Caps - Clear

Floss Caps help to efficiently secure your hook bait to your chosen rig.

Many of today’s most popular rigs involve tying baits on to rings or micro swivels with floss, and this can be far more fiddly than it needs to be. The Floss Cap takes all the hassle out of it, replacing your usual boilie stop – with available colours including clear, yellow and pink, so it can be matched to your bait – and once your hookbait is positioned just how you want it on the rig, you simply slide on a Floss Cap so that it sits flush, and then blob the ends of the floss with a lighter to hold everything in place. Tying baits on has never been so neat and hassle-free!

- Compatible with Korda Braid Needle & Fine Needle
- Simply Burn Bait Floss onto the Floss Cap to secure
- No knots required


20 pack