Gold Tutti Frutti ReadyBaitz 100g Pre-Glugged Boilies

Gold Tutti Frutti ReadyBaitz 100g Pre-Glugged Boilies

  • Ideal for all manner of fishing scenarios – short and long stay
  • Fully PVA Friendly
  • Popular & Proven Flavours


Gold’s Range of Boilies have been developed and perfected to be a truly great all-round Bait; Suitable for use on any water and nutritionally beneficial to Carp, Ready Baitz offers the angler 100% confidence whilst fishing. With the inclusion of key, proven feeding triggers in all flavours; our boilies can help you attain impressive results on any water.

Pre Glugged in their corresponding Liquid Bait Enhancer, Ready Baitz have proven to be excellent Specimen Carp attractants across a variety of British Waters and in a range of weather conditions with a slow breakdown and strong aroma for added attraction. Ready Baitz have also proven to be a highly effective river bait for Carp, Barbel and Chub.

Specimen Ready Baitz are ideal for novices and veteran anglers alike; allowing you to fish Specimen Methods at just a fraction of the cost. Specimen Ready Baitz come in 100g Resealable Jars for an extended shelf life and are ideal for all manner of fishing scenarios. All flavours are highly concentrated. These hookbaits boast a slow breakdown times whilst still being easy to drill and hair-rig.