Gold Tutti Frutti Liquid Bait Enhancer 100ml

Gold Tutti Frutti Liquid Bait Enhancer 100ml

  • PVA Friendly
  • Special Nozzle to inject into stick mixes or PVA Bags
  • Perfect addition to spod mixes, boilies and pellets
  • Made using only the finest quality ingredients.

Gold Baits' Liquid Enhancers have been extensively field tested and perfected over previous seasons and are ideal for boosting the attractant qualities of Hookbaits, Stick Mixes, Groundbaits and Spod Mixes.


Packaged in 100ml Bottles with easy-to-use squirty caps, Gold Liquid Bait Enhancers are easier than ever to Inject, Squirt or Pour.


All flavours are highly concentrated; just one 100ml Bottle used as recommended can last several sessions, offering unrivalled value to the angler.


Liquid Bait Enhancers comprise several key, proven attractants and palatants that release a powerful and irresistible scent trail around your bait.