Evolved Terre De Somme Black Leam - 2kg

Evolved Terre De Somme Black Leam - 2kg

Probably the best known and most widely used of all leams, Evolved Baits Terre De Somme is simply the finest leam available on the market. Produced in Holland by Visleem, this high-quality product is 100% pure, contains no bulking or filling agents and as such, has achieved significant accolade on the International circuit where it is widely used by a number of National Teams in high-profile events such as the World Championships. 


Largely associated with “Continental” style venues, it is the perfect medium for putting Bloodworm and Joker into any swim, unlike “salt-based” ground baits, it does not harm delicate Joker and additionally provides a stable base on the bottom for the Joker to remain over, encouraging fish to feed.


Available in Natural (brown) or Dark (black), Terre De Somme also has significant utility on UK domestic venues and can be used effectively with a number of baits such as dead or live maggots and is particularly effective whilst fishing slow moving rivers, deep lakes or canals for roach, bream and skimmers; the fine property of the soil encourages fish to feed naturally and confidently by passing comfortably through the gills allowing the particle offerings to be drawn out.


Easily incorporated into any groundbait mix, added directly from the packet or slightly dried out, it adds weight and can assist in accelerating the break-up of groundbaits or by adding additional water to create a sticky “heavy” leam, it can conversely be used to reduce the break-up of groundbait by up to 50%.


Terre de Somme has many other advantages including creating noise and a cloud when “balled-in” and due to it having no food value, makes it ideal for hard venues when a top up mix containing no groundbait is required.


  • High quality soft clay based leam.
  • Already dampened; use straight from the packet.
  • Available in 2Kg bags to avoid drying out.


Top Tips:


  • Add a little Amino liquid or one of the Additions Range of Powdered Additives or Flavours to give your leam added attraction.
  • Mixed with grey leam to produce “double” leam, Terre De Somme can be used on deep waters in very hard match conditions introducing bait without any groundbait at all.