Evolved Terre De Riviere Natural Leam - 2kg

Evolved Terre De Riviere Natural Leam - 2kg

Evolved Baits Terre De Riviere is the heaviest of the soils in our range. Produced in Holland by Visleem, this high-quality product is 100% pure, contains no bulking or filling agents and as such, has achieved significant accolade on the International circuit where it is widely used by a number of National Teams in high-profile events such as the World Championships  


A popular product on natural venues, Terre de Riviere is essentially a heavy yet fine top soil, similar to mole hill and as such can used in very deep canals and lakes or fast flowing rivers where it is used to add weight to a heavy groundbait to ensure the mix quickly reaches the bottom intact; this is particularly effective when trying to get bait through bleak feeding in the top layers of the water. 


Available in Natural (brown) or Dark (black), due to its notable binding properties, Terre De Riviere can easily be used with any bait including live maggots, caster and joker and as such, by loose feeding small “nuggets” by hand, is a particularly effective way of introducing large quantities of bait to the bottom when fishing for roach, dace or chub.


Easily incorporated into any groundbait mix, added directly from the packet or slightly dampened, it adds weight by creating a sticky “heavy” leam and as such, can additionally be used to reduce the break-up of groundbait by up to 50%.


Terre de Riviere has many other advantages including creating noise when “balled-in” and due to it having no food value, makes it ideal for hard venues when mixed with Terre De Somme or in a “double leam” mix with our grey leam for hard venues where a top up mix containing no groundbait is required.


  • High quality heavy soil gets bait to the bottom quickly.
  • Already dampened; use straight from the packet.
  • Excellent binding power to delay breakup of groundbait.
  • Available in 2Kg bags to avoid drying out.



Top Tips:


  • Add a little Amino liquid or one of the Additions Range of Powdered Additives or Flavours to give your leam added attraction.