Evolved Original Spiced Bread Punch - 900g

Evolved Original Spiced Bread Punch - 900g

Spiced bread punch


Using the finest quality white crumb available and infused with an exclusive spice blend exclusively available to Evolved. Formulated by Match ace Andy Dixon, this was the first spiced punch to enter the market, several years ago. Many have tried to copy with inferior flavours like bun spice, but none will replicate the special spice formula. 

  • Contains an exclusive formula spice mix
  • Perfect for catching Roach and Skimmers
  • Can be fed by hand or with a cup
  • Effective in a small cage feeder for specimen Roach and Chub
  • Fish, Fishery and Environmentally friendly 


For best results mix slowly using a whisk and atomiser at the same time, this ensures an even mix and reduces the clumping associated with pure white crumb. Alternatively mix vigorously by hand adding water little and often, this method may require a final riddle to remove any lumps, then you are good to go.


Top tip; On running water add a little Oyster shell or aquarium gravel to add weight to the punch to get it down to the bottom quickly to keep the roach on the deck.


Available in 900g bags