Evolved Cheese & Garlic Boilies - 900g

Evolved Cheese & Garlic Boilies - 900g

The powerful flavours of both cheese and garlic have been catching carp and barbel for many years. When combined they not only stand out from the crowd, but the mixture of these two strong flavours produces something rather special.


Designed to fit neatly into our carp range, these boilies are an absolute killer bait on running waters when looking to snare a large barbel or specimen chub.


The unique combination of 100% natural, CE certified, intense attractants and stimulants, combined with the high leakage base mix, sees the swim instantly flooded with flavour and taste, whilst still producing a lasting trail of attraction.


There isn't a barbel or chub that can resist their pull!


Developed in partnership with Europe's leading boilie manufacturer OnFish, using the high tech steaming facility, we steam cook the boilies, rather than the traditional boiling process.  


The main advantage of steaming is that it allows all of the bait’s nutrients, essential oils, attractants and flavours, many of which are EXCLUSIVE to Evolved Baits, to remain locked inside the boilie, rather than ‘boiled out’ during the more traditional cooking process. 

Key points include - 

  • Available in 15mm
  • Steamed NOT boiled for ultimate freshness and attraction
  • Unique formulas, developed by the Evolved Baits’ team
  • Colourfast and flavour packed
  • CE Certified
  • Premium, natural ingredients
  • Long shelf life and in resealable bags
  • Fish, fishery and environmentally friendly