Evolved Big River Mixed Pellets - 5kg

Evolved Big River Mixed Pellets - 5kg

Primarily designed as a big river pellet mix, this combo is a perfect blend of Amino Krill, Halibut & Squid and Amino pellet.


Evolved Big River pellet mix is made up various sized pellets creating a variety of shapes, textures, flavours, tastes and breakdown rates to help draw and hold big fish for many hours. The mix also contains oyster shell and crushed hemp to help increase that all important crunch factor.


Perfect as the base mix of any spod or spomb mix, PVA bag mix or as a carpet of loosefeed through a big feeder. It's a mixture that has helped bank many "lumps" in the past!


Can be soaked and packed into a cage feeder or squeezed into balls and fired out.


Our range of pellets have been designed to take on natural flavours and colorants with ease, without turning to mush or breaking down too quickly. Produced using our exclusive high quality, absorbent soya based pellet, packed full of aminos and attractants draw  and hold fish in your swim for hours on end. 


The process used to flavour and colour the pellets ensures they retain all their innate flavour and attraction whilst also remaining wholly colour fast, unlike lower quality pellets. We only use natural CE certified colourants and flavours, applied over a five-day process resulting in a colour fast deep scented pellets. The pellet contains premium fish meal, quality soya and animal protein (poultry only) natural colourants and flavours and GMO free.

  • Packed with stimulants and feed triggers
  • Colour fast and deep scented
  • Uniform shape and consistency
  • Fish, Fishery and Environmentally friendly


These pellets are designed to stimulate fish into feeding. Our exclusive amino formula is packed full of nucleotides, amino acids, essential oils and high stimulation feeding triggers, giving a long-lasting scent trail in the water and drawing fish onto your pellets.


Produced in 5kg bulk bags.