Evolved  Baits Amino Feed Trigger - Umami 50ml

Evolved Baits Amino Feed Trigger - Umami 50ml

"Umami"  a very popular Amino with a meaty marmite like scent. Formulated for Barbel this has become a must have for many top specimen anglers.


Aminos are the building blocks of proteins, essential in repairing damaged tissues, building muscle and growth not only in fish but in all aspects of life.


  • Intense flavour
  • Ultimate feeding trigger
  • Effective in all temperatures
  • Apply to any bait
  • Exclusive Barbel formula


Incredible!!- is the term we hear so often when Anglers have used the Evolved exclusive Aminos formulas


Available in various complex flavours with key trigger elements developed and proven over years of development and scientific study. Science has proven aminos are what fish crave and need in their day-to-day diet.

Evolved Amino's contain up to 114 individual elements within each blend.


The amino formulas are packed with additional vital vitamins and additives that provide the ultimate feeding triggers. This produces an extensive scent trail in the water helping draw fish onto any bait you add it to. Even in its liquid form being heavier than water it sinks and will trigger fish into a frenzy searching for the source!, Its advanced latching technology ensures a long lasting scent trail when applied to any bait including Boilies, Pellets, Ground baits, Particles and pastes,. 


The secret formulation which is present in our Amino range of liquid flavours and glugs contain all the ingredients required to stimulate a fish to feed even in sub-zero temperatures, ensuring no matter what feed product you add it to it will give stunning results.


Warning: 5-10ml per kilo of bait is sufficient, it's very concentrated unlike many liquids on the market.