Evolved Amino Pellets - 900g

Evolved Amino Pellets - 900g

These are a premium quality pellet head and shoulders above other pellets on the market today, both in terms of effectiveness for catching fish, breakdown rates and for fish and fishery health. Until now the UK market has had little choice in pellet quality, dominated by inferior quality pellets of varying compositions. This has now changed, the Evolved Amino pellet range are now becoming the number one choice for many Anglers and fishery owners across the UK.


The Evolved Amino pellet and Amino Sticky Method Pellet are now becoming the number one choice for many Anglers across the UK.


Our entire range of pellets have been designed to take on natural flavours and colorants without turning to mush or breaking down too quickly (see the video below). These high quality, absorbent soya based pellets, packed full of aminos and attractants will draw and hold fish in your swim for hours on end. 


The process used to flavour and colour the pellets ensures they retain all their innate flavour and attraction whilst also remaining wholly colour fast, unlike lower quality pellets. We only use natural CE certified colourants and flavours, applied over a five-day process, resulting in colour fast deep scented pellets. The pellet contains premium fish meal, quality soya and animal protein (poultry only) natural colourants and flavours and is GMO free.


The amino pellets are packed full of our exclusive amino formula designed to stimulate fish into feeding. Brimming with nucleotides, amino acids, essential oils and high stimulation feeding triggers, they pump out a long-lasting scent trail in the water and drawing fish onto your hookbait.

  • Packed with stimulants and feed triggers
  • Uniform shape and sink rate
  • Colour fast and deep scented
  • Uniform shape and consistency
  • Fish, Fishery and Environmentally friendly


Amino acids are what fish crave and need in their day-to-day diet. Known as the building blocks of proteins which aid fish to repair damaged tissue and aid muscle growth. Packed with vital amino acids that fish may find hard to get in their diet especially on man made commercials and during the different seasons and natural food source availability.


If you keep Koi carp, these are a fantastic growth and conditioning pellet.


Packed in 900g bags available in 2,4,6,8 & 10mm