Evolved Amino Oil - Pellet & Particle Oil

Evolved Amino Oil - Pellet & Particle Oil

Evolved Amino Pellet and particle oil is an oil based liquid infused with our exclusive amino pellet formula.


Rich in vital minerals, vitamins and key amino acids that fish require in their day-to-day diet to remain fit and healthy. 

  • Infused with Amino liquid
  • improves distance when feeding
  • Creates a flat spot slick visible on the surface
  • Can be added to pellets or particles


The Evolved amino pellet oil has great benefits in its use, applied to pellets, it aids in gaining distance when catapulting and creates a surface slick which has the effect of flattening surface ripple, assisting in hitting the same spot when re feeding.  This same effect can be achieved when adding to particles when specimen fishing, as fish route around the particles it gives a tell tale sign as oil rises to the surface creating a flat spot.


Our ambassador Matt York has had incredible success in commercial matches using this product on pellets and our specimen ambassador Kyle Wilson recorded a 60lb UK common on a notoriously difficult water using the oil.


This product is ideal to add to any pellets especially when limited to fishery own pellets, boosting the effectiveness resulting in more fish in the net!