Evolved Amino Krill Boilies - 900g

Evolved Amino Krill Boilies - 900g

Krill is regarded as one of the greatest natural flavours to stimulate fish into a feeding frenzy and is without doubt one of natures most nutritional micro-organisms. It is instantly recognised as a powerful food source, hence its unprecedented success rate for both big carp and barbel.


Made using a powerful, high-quality, 100% natural and CE certified fishmeal base, packed with vitamins and essential oils, it is incredibly appealing and palatable. Add Evolved baits unique amino additive into this mix and you immediately have something really quite exceptional and distinctive.


A quality base mix incorporating pure krill, bird food, spices, egg white, flours, seeds and special amino formula.


Developed in partnership with Europe's leading boilie manufacturer OnFish, using the high tech steaming facility, we steam cook the boilies, rather than the traditional boiling process.  


The main advantage of steaming is that it allows all of the bait’s nutrients, essential oils, attractants and flavours, many of which are EXCLUSIVE to Evolved Baits, to remain locked inside the boilie, rather than ‘boiled out’ during the more traditional cooking process. 


Amino Krill is available in both 15mm

Key points include - 

  • Available in 15mm
  • Steamed NOT boiled for ultimate freshness and attraction
  • Unique formulas, developed by the Evolved Baits’ team
  • Colourfast and flavour packed
  • CE Certified
  • Premium, natural ingredients
  • Long shelf life and in resealable bags
  • Fish, fishery and environmentally friendly