CC Moore Live System Air Ball Pop Ups

CC Moore Live System Air Ball Pop Ups

These air ball pop-ups are colour-matched to our Live System Boilies, are very buoyant and durable enough to withstand the unwanted attraction of nuisance fish.


Live System Air Ball Pop Up Properties:

  • Extremely buoyant and durable
  • Powerful, yeasty and sweet, creamy taste
  • Powerful sweet almond taste & vanilla cream aroma
  • Soluble attractors promote maximum leakage
  • Easy to trim to create the desired buoyancy
  • Colour-matched to Live System Boilies
  • Contains the same base mix & liquids as Live System Boilies



10mm Pop Ups = 80 baits per pot

15mm Pop Ups = 50 baits per pot

18mm Pop Ups = 35 baits per pot