CC Moore Pacific Tuna Pellets 1kg

CC Moore Pacific Tuna Pellets 1kg

Perfected over a 3 year product development program, Pacific Tuna is a deep red, naturally attractive boilie that combines soluble fish, milk and vegetable proteins with powerful natural appetite stimulants to create a superb year round big fish bait that fish simply can’t resist.


These highly attractive, custom made  pellets contain the same powerful liquid attractors as Pacific Tuna Boilies & Paste making them the perfect ‘micro’ loose feed or bag ingredient for anglers fishing with Pacific Tuna Boilies and other products in the Pacific Tuna Range.



·       Low in oil and highly digestible. Ideal for year-round use

·       Powerful, salty taste & potent, savoury aroma

·       Rich in amino acids derived from high quality proteins

·       Contains fish, yeast, poultry & vegetable proteins

·       Superb size for use in PVA Bags and sticks

·       Can be scalded to create a great cloud-forming paste

·       Excellent addition to particle, spod & loose feed mixes