Carp Spirit Magnum x1 Multi Net

Carp Spirit Magnum x1 Multi Net

The Magnum X1 Multi-Net net has been designed and developed to offer both performance and versatility due to the ability to use it at lengths of either 3ft, 6ft or 9ft.


Whilst 6ft is the traditional pole length, being able to quickly reduce to 3ft is particularly useful when landing fish from the boat or manoeuvring the net in tight overgrown swims.


At its full length of 9ft the Magnum X1 Multi net is perfect for steep banks or for when fishing long hook link zig rigs.


The spreader block is both lightweight and strong due to its 1 piece moulded carbon construction.


Japanese shrink wrap has been added at key points along the handle to aid grip and help prevent the handle from slipping off your arm whilst netting the fish.


EVA end caps are included as standard to prevent dirt getting inside the sections.


A super soft, fish friendly green mesh features a magnetic clip to help prevent the mesh catching on the bottom when fishing shallow margins.


The net arms have a smooth profile stainless steel ends to make assembling the net quick and simple. Another useful feature is the ability to replace or re-tension the front cord if needed.

  • Light weight 3 piece carbon spigoted handle
  • Can be used at 3ft, 6ft or 9ft lengths
  • 1 piece light weight moulded carbon spreader block
  • EVA end caps included
  • Anti-slip Japanese shrink wrap handle
  • Laser Etched stainless steel butt cap
  • Super soft fish friendly green mesh
  • Front cord can be quickly and easily replaced / re-tensioned
  • Rolled stainless steel arm ends – Increased strength and easy set up / pack away
  • Mesh clip up magnet - Helps prevent mesh snagging on the bottom